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Becca Jay


    Jay grew up in Herkimer, NY, and made her first pun at the age of 6. When asked how she got into music, said, "Honestly, the whole rest of this website is about me. You should ask the band, they're the real MVPs."

MICK headshot.JPG

Mikayla Beaulieu

Backup Vocals

    When asked how she started singing, Beaulieu says, "I have many memories of me at a young age (I think 3 or 4) singing all the words to Alanis Morrissette's Jagged Little Pill album and Cyndi Lauper's Seven Deadly Cyns. None of that was age appropriate, but I knew it like the back of my hand! My first "performance" was at a campground in New England, and I sang "True Colors" in their talent show at the ripe age of 4-years-old. I even had my own hand movements to go with it. And the rest is history."

Her first Halloween costume was, "A bumblebee, I believe?"


She finds straight lines and symmetrical mandalas to be the most aesthetically  pleasing patterns.


A song she always goes back to is "Details in the Fabric" but Jason Mraz and James Morrison because no matter the years, the lyrics still ground her.


She always thought she was a Gryffindor, but found out recently that she is actually a Hufflepuff, which a friend of hers knew right away because of Beaulieu's inclusivity.

Her ideal three-course meal would be: 1) a caesar salad, 2) tortellini in a pink vodka sauce, and 3) French macarons for dessert. Beaulieu would also like to acknowledge that while it may seem from this meal that she should've been born Italian, she believes the macarons "make up for it".

EMMA headshot.JPG

Emma Byrd


     Byrd's origin story is ​not unlike that of an actual bird - specifically a songbird. She took lessons in classical piano until she was ready to leave the nest and go to Berkley College of Music, where she had the opportunity to meet lots of

accomplished and aspiring musicians alike.

Byrd enjoys reading books. "I try to read as many as I can. I really feel that books are the best way to expand our minds while simultaneously capitalizing on alone time."

If Byrd were an animal, she believes she would be a hippo. She says,                

"(Hippos) look unassuming, but can quickly switch modes and take down their enemies, then go back to chillin' in some water, you know?"

She is inspired by many musical artists, including Laura Marling and Regina Spektor, some of her favorites. She has been a Spektator* for many years now and also enjoys sitting alone in coffee shops and petting other people's dogs.

Byrd is the reigning champion in a year-long, cumulative Speed competition - a two-player card game in which players stack cards in ascending and descending order until one player's deck is depleted.


Her favorite Halloween candy is chocolate (which is not exactly specific to Halloween except for when it is shaped in a spooky fashion).

*Spektator: A Regina Spektor fan 

PAIGE headshot.JPG

Paige Miller


     Miller is from Richmond, VA, and began playing the drums 

around age 4 or 5:


"I told my parents that I wanted a drum kit and they said if I played piano for a year and still wanted drums, then they'd get me one. I started piano right away and they kept their word! They walked me down the street to my neighbor who was a musician and he sold me my first kit and gave me some great intro lessons. It all took off from there!"

When asked what Mario Kart character she would be, she said, "Yoshi. Always. 'Cause he's a sassy green reptile, duh."

It is important to note that Miller is also a Slytherin.


Her favorite book is The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas and her favorite thing about San Diego is discovering it.


"I'm loving finding all of its hidden treasures and learning all the amazing things about my new city!"


If given the chance to go back in time to any event in history, Miller would choose Anne Boleyn's execution. She says, "This is the first thing that came to mind, so don't judge me... I was a history major and she was one of the people I found most fascinating."


Last, but certainly not least, Miller says if she ordered a steak, she would enjoy a dark beer, such as a stout, or a glass of smooth scotch (neat) with it.

BRANDO headshot.JPG

Brandon Goodrich


     Goodrich grew up in San Diego, CA, and played bass for the first time when he was 3-years-old.


"My Dad taught me how to play "I Got My Mind Set On You" by George Harrison. I would sit on his lap and would fret a note with two fingers as he plucked the string.  Then I'd pluck the string and he would fret the notes. After about a month I had the whole song down, and I took off from there learning songs by ear."

Goodrich goes by many names, including Brando, B-Tan, and Brandon-B-Tan-Brendanawicz-Goodrich - the Breaker of Chains, the first of his name. Known by few, but loved by all.

If he were a Disney character, he would be Goofy, "Simply because I could be, well, goofy!"

Goodrich's favorite movie is The Green Mile. He says, "Any film that parallels human existence is intriguing to me." 

If he could have any superpower, he would want to be able to breathe under water. An avid surfer, Goodrich identifies with fish. Unlike the Disney princess Ariel, he does not feel the need to "be where the people are".

Goodrich is also fluent in chicken, one of his many hidden talents.

The best part of Goodrich's day is, "when I lay down in bed after a long day, put my headphones on, and drift to sleep while listening to relaxing music."

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