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Meet the Band


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Becca Jay

    Jay grew up in Herkimer, NY, and made her first pun at the age of 6. When asked how she got into music, she said, "Honestly, the whole rest of this site is about me. You should ask the band, they're the real MVPs."


Alan Johnson

    Johnson is originally from Baltimore, MD, (go Ravens) but also spent many of his formative years in South Carolina. He actually started his musical journey on the drums around the age of 9 and eventually started teaching himself bass in college. "I told my parents I wanted to play bass in high school and they bought me one. I just didn't get involved and let it collect dust until college."

Johnson was the first member to join the band, which came about serendipitously after a co-ed softball game. Johnson, being the outgoing and friendly player he is, walked over to the opposing team, of which Jay was a member, and began talking. Jay noticed the bass tattoo on his arm and asked, "Hey - do you play bass?!" The rest is history.

The animal that Johnson identifies most with is "the black rhino. I'm mostly laid back and chill, but once I'm focused, I charge right toward to the task at hand," metaphorically speaking.

If he were to be in a Harry Potter house, he would be a cross between Gryffindor and Ravenclaw because he is brave and chivalrous, but has wit and intelligence.

Most importantly, the Taylor Swift song that best describes Johnson would be, "I Knew You Were Trouble". He self-identifies as "quite a handful, sorry ladies." But we all know self-awareness is key, so Johnson gets a few extra points for honesty.


Alden Hoag

     Hoag grew up nearby in Windsor, CO, and started playing when he was 13 years old. Now, he plays, "drum set, marimba, and a smorgasbord of other percussion instruments."

"Music has always been a fun time for me; I played in drum line, wind ensemble, and jazz ensembles throughout high school and college. I also love music theory and the science behind notes." His favorite season is winter because, "I snowboard in a pink onesie and live for it every year."


If graced with the opportunity to write a fortune cookie message, it would say, "You will likely have just eaten a fortune cookie."

When asked what Mario Kart character he races with and what that says about him, Hoag commented, "Oh, Wario. I enjoy turtle shelling more than winning, and his laugh is the most obnoxious to my friends after getting hit, causing more emotional and memorable games of Mario Kart."

Music has been part of Hoag's life in a big way. "I actually wrote a piece for my high school wind ensemble and got to conduct it my senior year. But the highlight of my high school music career was getting to play the spoons to Cecilia on center stage while the choir danced seductively around me. Core memory for sure."

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